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The first International portal of informations and linking of amateur and professional music scene has been open since October 28, 2011. If you want to be present for the official opening, hurry up to register!

Registration for is open to everyone who are interested in those who sustain the music: Music fans (registration as a member), artists and bands (creating a section Artists / Bands), musicians, technicians, photographers, sponsors .... and others ! is open to all.

Why should i register?

Registration (for free) and you become member of the community ! Once registered, you can :

  • Create multiple profiles with: Events, Photos, MP3s, Videos,...
  • Vote for Artists, Bands- Contact Artists, Bands, musicians...
  • Writing journalistic analysis, hardware tests, interviews ...
  • Writing news if you have info on concerts, or about album releases
  • Indicate that you are looking for: A Band, a musician, a concert halls, a label....
  • Find out who needs you

And many future features :

  • Follow your favorite bands, being told of their visit on
  • Sign up for concerts
  • Manage your contacts, visits,...    

How do it works?


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  • From an account you can create multiple profiles (a profile for your group, for you as a musician, for your association...)
  • Each profile has its own contact details (email, phone, address)